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      My backyard is large and very
      steep and hilly. As it is now, it’s
      nearly unusable for outdoor
      activities (except for mowing).
      I’m searching for information
      regarding how to change the
      land itself, not just the landscape
      on the ground. I’ve had no luck on
      the Net, so any help would be
      appreciated. Thanks

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      Paul C.

      I might be able to help, but I need to know more. Describe your yard. Does it slope down to adjoining properties, is it rolling hills… size etc.

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      Katherine Sanderson

      We have a average rectangular back yard with a 10 to 12 foot high burm at the back of the long end of it. There are 15 – 20′ tall pine trees planted on the top of it to hide a electrical substation that is directly behind it. The decent of the burm into the yard is very steep and not safe to be cutting grass on the way it is. I need help to know what I might even do with this area. I had considered making some flat beds to put flowers or a small garden in, but the length of it is pretty long and I want to break that up some how. Also, I would like to keep the tree area accessable for my children to play up there. Any ideas.

      In need of direction,


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      Franco Abbruzzino

      I have a burm in my back yard that comes down to a deck, which is attached (flush too) my patio. When it rains all the water comes down, stays on the deck and then flows onto my patio. I just bought the house, so there is no love affair with this deck. Can I tear out the deck, and resolve this issue? Please email me with any suggestions at fabbruzzino@yahoo.com

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      We have a high hill that water runs off into backyard in spring and heavy rains. How can we collect this water and move it into the river that is adjacent to our lawn so it doesn’t soak the lawn and end up in the basement?

      Any comments will be helpful.



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      I have an odd shaped but decent sized florida yard that is in need of lanscaping. I have taken some pics and am wondering if anyone could look at them and give me some inexpensive, water-conservative ideas.


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