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      Pam Williford

      I am looking for information on constructing a steel framed home. Thanks.

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      Mike Hoover

      a supplier in Texas

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      frank mares

      would like to build a steel frame home. need floor plans and prices looking to build with in the next few months. thank you frank mares po box 754 santa anna,tx. 76878 915-348-3663

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      jeff english

      i am going to build a house soon, between 1200 and 1600 sq. ft., and am very interested in a steel framed house. if anyone has any info about this subject, good or bad, please contact me. i’m having trouble finding anyone locally who knows anything about this. thank you

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      chuck geter

      Regarding the steel frame house ,What is usually included when a steel frame company gives you a quote? Are there companies that give quotes including ,drywall,bricking,slab,electrical ,

      plumbing etc.Or, what should i plan doing myself?Any feedback would be greatly appreciated .

      Thank You

      Chuck Geter

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      michael santiago

      i would like to see a detailed plan and sketches of a house made from steel frames. (including connection and foundation details)

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      Ralph Perusse

      If you would like to see some homes and buildings framed with steel, check out our website http://www.steelframehomesbyrepco.com

      We also have a spec sheet for the contents of a package. If you would like one, I would be happy to email.


Viewing 6 reply threads
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