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      laura miller

      Any reason not to do steel countetops for kitchen counters besides rust? Anyway to darken the steel and seal without taking away natural state or look of the steel ( no powder coating )

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      rust can poison you and contaminate your food, besides being unsigltly and dirty

      ever think of stainless steel? talk to your restaurant supply house

      also i have seen flormica products that look metalic, all shades and colors available, where you could get a dark metal look and have sanitary and safe surface

      if you must for some reason go with this idea of yours of real metal, you could heat treat it to blue it up although it would not be an even coloring, that may what your looking for and also could warp

      do you know that sheet metal is also very expensive compared to other materials. 2×2 ft of 1/8″ mils steel is about 50 bucks

      you could apply a clear coat of laquer or polyurathane although this could also chip and contimante you food further, requireing constant touch up

      go with the simulated steel formica is my advice

      look it up on internet, probally find sample colors on some web site somewhere, perhaps post the link here after u find it so others can look


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      doug seibert

      For the custom $ approach or just to stimulate the braincells………try


      I have an original S/S counter top in my 1920’s bungalow….(not the messy sink-counter)…..It’s simple flat stock StainlessSteel laid on top of the “board” countertop……….every OLD fastener and board-joint telegraphs thru the surface COOL!…….Knives and “picks” have left their mark but no rust ……and just a cleaning w/potscrubbee…..NO treatment…Plain S/S……..

      The edging is the screw-on lipped s/s

      …….mitered at the corners…..It’s developed a silky soft sheen after all these years but never a “problem”……..

      (OK the edge seam is disgusting if you don’t clean it carefully…..)

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      Carbon steel in porous and would be impossible to keep sanitary. Powder coating would work, but you don’t want that. Besides, I do not know if there is any transparent or opaque powder coatings. I do know there are metallic powder coats.

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      me thinks this one has beeen eating metal for years already, probally lead from the sound of this screw ball ideas she come up with


      lady, go buy a 2×2 ft 18 guage sheet metal, blue it and use it for a cutting board for a month or so, if your still alive after eating off it post here and let us know what it looks like after you slice up a lemon on it

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