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      Donna Schmidt

      Help! We are moving in just 10 days and we can’t get the stains off of our bathroom countertop. It seems that everywhere we have had a glass or ceramic container, heck even plastic for that matter, that sits for long periods without being moved we get this ugly brownish-yellow stain. We’d really like to try and get rid of it if we can so the new owners don’t have to deal with it.

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      Donna, quite often “0000” steel wool will remove stains
      from most surfaces. Simply lightly buff the stained
      area and it should come up. Also another trick is using
      some WD40 prior to buffing with the steel wool, it’s
      amazing what all WD40 can do. Good luck!

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      This may sound like an odd suggestions–it sure sounded odd
      to me when someone suggested it to get rid of kitchen counter
      stains from a can of cranberry juice. The answer: tootpaste.
      I spread it fairly thick on the stain, rubbed it in a little
      and waited about 10 minutes. It lifted the stains right up.
      Scouring with cleansers etc. hadn’t worked, but this did. BTW
      it’s also worked to get water rings off of wood furniture and taking
      tarnish off of silver. Weird but true.

      Hope it helps. If not, you can at least laugh about trying
      something weird.


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      Is there anything we can use to get a red ink stamp pad stain off of a bathroom countertop and sink? My daughter left an ink pad opened face down and it leaked all over. She blotted it up and tried to hide it. Can you help?

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