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      Hugh Rice Kelly

      I have a veined white marble floor that has discolored due to water wicking through the concrete slab from a water-filled structure directly below the 4″ slab that supports the marble floor. On the part of the floor above the water-filled subgrade structure, the white marble is discolored a yellow-gold. The part sitting directly on dry subsoil is still white. The yellow gold color is not a bad shade, but it now means one part of floor is a different color than the rest of the floor; All of the marble matched perfectly when laid in 1984.

      The original veining is grey, greenish gray and a little yellow-gold, but the overall color is white.l

      Does anyone know of a treatment that will remove this discoloration? Believe me, this is not a surface stain. I’ve gone over the surface with all kinds of abrasives, including some very dangerous ones, such as sandpaper, muriatic acid, etc.

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      Joe Tomasko

      Maybe if you got rid of the source of the water the
      marble would return to its original color?

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