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      Michael Wootton

      I live in the bottom floor of my apartment bldg.
      I desperatly need to soundproof between my apt and the one above me. Presently there is only drywall and gyprock, and about 2 feet of space between. Does anyone have any ideas that work ?

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      The best way to do this is to fill the void with
      layers of insulation, you will have to do some
      major ceiling work but at least you will be able
      to sleep.

      Good Luck!

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      Maria G.

      Michael: Suggest you check into “spray in place” type of foam insullations…this will preclude your doing major ceiling removal/installation work. An example product is “fast foam”…you can find product specs on the WEB (also suggest you look for other similar products). Good luck!

Viewing 2 reply threads
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