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      Benny Bennett

      I am converting a large room into two offices. The wall construction will be 2×4 with ½ inch drywall cover.
      What is the best way to insulate or build this wall so it will be sound proof between the two offices for privacy?
      The ceiling height in this is 12 feet but the walls will only be 8 feet. The ceiling will be a t-bar drop ceiling.
      Thank You

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      you could apply insulation in between the studs in the walls. or you could hang that 4 x 8 compressed insulation sheets directly over the studs and then hang the rock on this once you marked your stud locations.

      Personally, I would hang insulations in between the wall studs and be done with it.

      Since this wall is only for partition purposes, are you going 16 OC or 24 OC? Be sure and get the proper width insulation batts so that you only have to cut lengths.

      fly your flag.

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      I would use 2X6 plates and 2X4 studs. The studs for one office will be aligned on one side of the plate and the studs for the other office will be aligned on the other side of the plate. The idea is to make the two walls independent to minimize the sound transmission. Weave the insulation between the two sets of studs.

      The bigger problem you have is the 4 ft opening above the walls. You should build the walls 12 ft if you can (even 10 ft would help) or you will never isolate the sound between the two offices.

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      Jay J -Moderator

      Hi Benny,

      There are many ‘ways’ to soundproof a wall. On a recent Post, I put in this ‘plug’ for Owens-Corning Accoustical Batts. They, among others, may produce what you’re looking for. DO realize that it’s NOT an insulation material. (The ‘paperwork’ even on the WEB page says this.) Check w/other mfgrs. of insulation to see what they have. Since you’re soundproofing an interior wall, keep your eye on the Ratings. (I don’t know how to ‘interpret’ them …)

      My best to ya and hope this helps.

      Jay J -Moderator

      PS: You could do a WEB search on keywords to find more products. Use my link as a ‘guide’ for keywords …

      PPS: God Bless America!

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