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      Which floor would be best for a kitchen? Can a laminate wood floor be refinished or is the veneer too thin?
      Any help anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.
      Thanks in advance.

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      Robin Smallen

      Laminates (like Pego) can’t be refinished because they’re like formica. Some wood floors (veneers laminated to a substrate) can be refinished but not as frequently as solid hardwood. Laminates are good in kitchens if you have a bunch of kids and animals and want the look of wood. Wood floors with today’s finishes work OK in kitchens, but require “taking care of”…may not be the best bet if it gets lots of traffic and you’re not up to lots of upkeep. I copped out on my remodel. Laminate didn’t give me the real wood look I was looking for…I’m a purist…and I did not want the maintenance of the wood because I have kids, dogs, cats, etc. I went with stone look ceramic. A really nice feature of laminate floors is that it’s not permanent. It floats above your existing floor and can be easily removed. Hope this helps.

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      madeleine ballard

      i am looking for a single board, quartersawn laminate product in either american or brazilian cherry or oak.

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      Frank Gusmano

      I am thinking of putting a laminate wood product in a basement apartment that occasionally has ceespool problems. Does this pose a problem for the integritty of the product? Are there any laminate products that take this problem into account in their design?

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      what is the best wood floor for me in a low traffic area without paying a arm and a leg?

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