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      Unregistered-S Taylor

      I floated some walls in one of my rooms using joint compound… the pail smelled slightly sour but I didn’t think much of it, now there is a distintly sour odor spreading through the upstairs…. will this go away or do I need to strip it all off or is there something I can do about it…. any help appreciated, Thanks…

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      I imagine that once it has dried the smell will go away. Certainly after painting all will be well.

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      I imagine it is possible for the joint compound to go “sour” And I also guess you added water to the compound in order to float it on the walls.
      I would think that after the walls are completely dried, which may take several days, the odor will go away. Just to be sure, when you prime paint the walls, I would use a mildewcide (sp?) in the paint.
      Good Luck!

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      I have had mud go soour that had been stored for a long period of time. I have never tried to use the soured mud, just bought some fresh to use. I do believe that the smell should go away after thourghly drying. I would also set the furnace fan to on for a day or 2 until the mud is dry and check for odor prior to priming and painting. If it still smells after drying, i would personally remove and apply fresh mud.



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      Unregistered-S Taylor

      Thanks guys…. I appreciate your input…

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