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      I recently bought a new house w/ a large pool in the back yard. Around the pool is very uneven pavers and surrounding that is tile. When this tile gets wet, you will fall, and you WILL hurt yourself. It is VERY slippery. We will be removing all of the tile and pavers, but unfortunately we are extremely over budget as is. Is there a product that we could apply to the tile, which would make it less slippery? Nothing permanent or expensive since everything will be removed within a year. Thanks for the help!!

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      Hi there,
      The cheapest and easiest way to make your tiles non slip is to pour is a solution of Hydrofluoric acid on to your tiles.

      Hydrofluoric acid is used for acid etching tiles and has the ability to dissolve the glass that is on top of your tiles preventing them from being slippery.

      Since you have a pool you are use to using Hydrochloric acid to keep your pool in balance so Hydrofluoric acid also needs be handled with the same safety precautions.

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