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      I am so aggrevated. I just moved into an apt where both bedroom have an entire wall of sliding closet doors. needless to say they keep coming off their track and I have NO idea how to put them back on. Is there a guide somewhere or can someone give me detailed instructions on how this is done? There are 4 doors in each bedroom. Its at the point where I have to lift and move the doors to get them to slide.

      I’m sure I’m making this out to be a heck of a lot harder than it is. I really don’t want to keep calling my maint. company every day to come and fix these darn things. I’d rather be able to do it myself.


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      pop plastic glide on bottom up to disingage door from bottom track. swing bottom of door out so you can hook it back on at the top.turn adjusting screws at top one one each roller so the door floats at the bottom and hangs level.now snap the bottom glides back in.maintenance should not have to come out every day.they should come out one time and fix it.

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