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      * I went to fill my sink soap dispenser. The soap flowed ok into the fill tube, but the fill tube clogs up and it makes it seem as though the reservoir is full.
      * The reservoir is not full. I can take the handle with the straw like tube and push it into the reservoir and take up and down motions. What seamed like a full reservoir now accepts the liquid soap. I fill the tube again and repeat the motions until the reservoir is full.
      * How can I pour the liquid soap into the reservoir so that it fills in one motion?
      * I guess I could water the soap down.
      * Any other suggestions?
      * Thanks in advance… Adios… Jasper…

      Jasper Castillo

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      My Wife has the same issue with our Kohler soap dispenser. She says she has to pour the soap very slowly or it wants to back up.
      A couple of thoughts:
      Try warming the soap in the microwave to thin it out. I don’t know if this will work or if the soap will separate in the micro, but worth a try.
      Use a very small funnel with a long neck.
      I don’t know the diameter of the fill hole, but you could also insert a small straw into the opening and pour the soap down along side it, that would allow the air to get out as the soap is going in.
      Good Luck!

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      Hi Jasper,

      What I do is place my kitchen funnel in the soap dispenser and fill up the funnel guessing closely the amount that it would take the fill the soap dispenser, then I would walk away and finish something else that I was doing, after about for 15 minutes or more I would come back and my soap dispenser would be full.

      By giving it that time, it would pour itself in and release it’s own air locks, I don’t have to waist time standing there try to pour in myself.

      Hope this helps you out.

      Kind regards Noelene

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