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      Karen Chenowth

      I’ve been searching the web for 2 hrs now! I need a
      resource for building a porch. We have a 8′ x 24′ concrete
      patio which we want to cover. I can’t find any plans
      anywhere! Any help is greatly appreciated.

      Thanks much.

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      Ron Hawtree

      Family Handyman magazine is a great source for ideas
      like you’re seeking. They do have an index available
      and may also have a web-site.
      Ron Hawtree

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      Cleo Navarrette

      I have been searching the web to see if I can find a simple way to make a nice, but yet affordable porch on my trailer. Need all the help I can get. Thank you

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      kevin boyer

      I own a patio enclosure business. The reason you are having trouble finding plans for your slab is there are so many different styles and slab sizes. We give are customers a CAD or a computer drawing of there enclosure after they have told us what there desires and needs are. If there is any information I can help you with please feel free to call me. Kevin Boyer @ Midwest Patio Enclosures.

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      Mrs. Anne Jones Robinson

      I have exsisting space that is 20ft long and 6ft wide 4 colums exsisting cement pad and steps I would like to cover this area. I would like some suggestions Thank you Anne

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      How many 4 X 4’s should I use? I will have 2 screen doors and an aluminum roof.

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      vlad kravchuk
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      I need a 8′ x 16′ porch plan, I can’t find one anywere!

      can anybody help me?

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      Dennis Regnier

      I can’t believe a child can find instructions on how to build a bomb, but we need a contractor and a CAD program to even look at plans for a screen porch! Oh Well, I’ll just keep looking. If anyone gets lucky, let me know.


Viewing 8 reply threads
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