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      Help!!! Ten years ago my husband tore out our ceramic tile shower floor pan,removed four rows of tile on the wall and repaired the rotted floor joist, etc. He then purchased the “BEST” fiberglass shower pan Sears had for sale (60″ length by 33″ width) He then purchased a tub surround kit, it is approx. 4″ too short on the ends. I still have this mess. He does not want to replace the tile on the wall. Can anyone out there give me some suggestions on how to repair this shower and put it back to use. He wants to purchase another tub surround kit and piece it together to make it fit. We have a nice home and I do not want such a repair job done. Please advise.

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      Please be specific…

      It makes a differece whether the basin is too short by a total of 4 inches or by 4 inches on each side.

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      dudley woods

      part of the wall of our shower stall is pulling away from the wall. how can we repair it?

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      I have bought a pre-existing home. It has been inspected and all is well. there is a small crack in the tile of the shower that i want to fix before use. i do not want to remove all the surrounding tiles and was wondering if there is some type of sealant compound that i can use until i can afford to replace the shower completly. If anyone knows of something please let me know what and where i can get it

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      We replaced a decrepit 20 yr old shower valve with a sleek Grohe valve and trim. Unfortunately, the new trim is much smaller than the old one, and we now have a 2 inch by 4 inch gap underneath it. The plumber had to leave before he could fill this in, and I think we’d rather do it ourselves anyway. What should I use to fill the hole? The wall under the tile appears to be some sort of very thick cement or mortar


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