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      Most older homes like mine have a 60 Amp service to the panel box. However on my box someone, replaced the old fuses to circuit breakers and installed a 100 A breaker to feed the panel. Is this dangerous? Do I need a new incoming cable to make my service a true 100 amp? I want to add addditional circuits and outlets, but am a little concerned. I still have some old knob and tube wiring in the house. Thanks for your suggestions, tom

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      What were the qualifications of the “someone” who did your work? Off the top, I would believe that you need incoming cable rated for at least 100 amps. So what gauge wire is rated for 100 amps, and do you have it? –would be my questions.

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      when you say incoming cable do you mean the wire from the top of the house to the meter and from the meter to the box? that should be #2wire.also the meter and meter box should have been changed also.having said that the old service was 110 service not 220.also if you have a 220 meter and only 110 coming from the pole then the meter will not turn.check it out or have it checked out.

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