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      Barb S.

      I have a 92-year old house whose floors are very off-level, some as much as 2 inches. Just heard about this self-leveling cement which can be used to level floors but do not know what type of flooring it can be used on or the preparation required. The floors throughout this house are 5-inch wide pine boards which have been covered with carpeting. Could I use this stuff directly over these pine boards or do I have to put something over them before using it? Has anyone had any experience with this stuff? Any information would be greatly appreciated. The pine boards have major gaps in them.

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      You need to have several structural engineer(s) come look at the foundation of the house. I say several because no two out of ten of them will suggest the same solution to the problem. You need to consider what is holding or should be holding the edges of those floors level.

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      Frankie Erwin

      My floor is as much as 1.5 inch off. The floor people recomend Arrdex leveling float but it is $90.00 for a 10 lb bag. What else can I use?

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      I am finishing off my garage and it is on a slope. About a 3 inch slope or so. i would like to use the self leveling cement but how much do I need? The room is a 10X19 room. How long does it take to set and can it be mixed in a cement machine?

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