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      Would you be interested in doing a project with a Sears Kit House? Unique design

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      Jim -ATS

      Bob doesn’t read this board, and his project list is about 3 years long as far as I know.

      As far as Sears kit homes, Sears made about 50 different plans for about 50 years. Search down the index page to about mid March and you should find some postings about Sears Kit Houses, along with a post I gave that included SEVERAL websites about this.

      Good luck to you, enjoy your home, they are really cool!

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      Diana Johnson

      I was wondering how to get a Sears home kit listed. Are they considered historical? I grew up in, and my mother still lives in a Sears kit home. Built right across the street from a railroad track, my mother still remembers visiting the original owner/builders with her mother, while it was under construction.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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