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      Unregistered-Liz McFerrin

      Please advise how to change the sanding belt on this model sander. I inherited it from my deceased father and am not able to even get the current belt loose enough to remove. Thanks.

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      I have a 11721, which although not identical, I’ll bet it works the same way. Place the front roller against a firm surface (I use my work bench) and press forward firmly with the handle. This compresses a spring in the belt tension assembly. Rock the body slightly to one side (I forget if it is to the right or left) and it will lock in the compressed position which gives slack in the belt. Slip the old belt off and the new one on, being sure to note the proper rotation of the new belt. Release the roller in the reverse manner.

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      if so then it’s 315.117151.
      if that’s the case then supposedly it has a lever to release the tension per this manual: http://www.managemylife.com/mmh/owner_manuals/6762/CRAFTSMAN-Sander-L0011080?brand_name_search=Craftsman

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