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      John Olthuis

      I know this is not totally home related since I want to remove some scratches in the gel coat on my boat, but Bob appears to be the master of all skills. I saw a product on a TV show,( “Shadetree Mechanic” I think). It was used on a fiberglas truck cap and restored it to it’s original colour and hid all indication of scratches without sanding, filling and repainting. (You simply brush or roll this clear liquid on and it flows to fill any voids) Apparently, the product can be used on all gel coat surfaces including bathtubs, shower stalls and boats, therefore the tie to Bob.
      I would sure appreciate if anyone can tell me the name and manufacturer of the product.
      I can’t remember the name of the product (I think “resin” is somewhere in the name” ) and it seems anyone I have spoken to, body shops etc. say they have never heard of such a product.
      Can someone please help?

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      Henry in MI

      I do know that you can get commercial jel coat and spray it or brush it on, but do not know how well it sticks, etc. Why don’t you try E-Mailing Shadetree Mechanic? The site is http://www.country.com for TNN.

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      Request of information your products MAIL to


      sAN jUAN bOSCO, 9

      08187 sANTA Eulalia de Ronsana

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      Everett Rasso

      I am building a radio controled boat out of wood strips and would like to coat the hull with fiberglass, as a new comer I would like to know the process

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