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      I have an open area in my basement, and I am setting up a woodworking shop. I have a table saw, drill press, planer, miter saw, band saw, router table, and a few hand tools. I figure these can generate a lot of dust, and the oil burning furnace is in this area. Should I hang some plastic around the furnace (hanging from floor to ceiling) to keep dust out? Is there another solution? Should I even worry about it? I would like to get a dust filter (Delta has a nice one that hangs from the ceiling), but not right away. Thoughts??

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      If you use plastic around the furnace, keep a couple of feet clearance all around, and have a few inches clearance above the floor for the furnace to breath. I would recommend using cloth instead of plastic, such as old sheets. if I were doing this, I would use shower curtain type of hanging so that it could be easily removed when not using the tools. If you keep the wood shop as far from the furnace as possible, there will be less dust to settle near it. the main problem with the dust would be in the fall when the furnace is first fired up as you could have a large accumulation on the surface of the heat exchanger that could possibly ignite. all the more reason for the annual fall furnace servicing.



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      Do you have good insurance and a young pretty wife? Her future husband will thank you for the insurance.
      In time when the explosive dust meets Mr. Temperature from the No. 2 Fuel Oil the three T’s equation (time, turbulence, temperature) will be satisfied while your attention is directed toward an exciting woodworking project.
      The flamable shield will add a curtain of fuel.
      Meanwhile the lungs will fill with small airborne solid particles of wood.

      To retain your heritage, install a dust remover and remove the oil burner. Install a corn stove or fireplace insert with a mechanical filter which filters the room air once per hour and heats the building all hours.

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      With proper dust collection system for the individual tools and the ambiant air, I don’t think you will have any significant issues with your existing furnace.

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