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      I am having a colonial style house built. I would like to find some old five or six panel doors for the interior. I live in the Midwest and I was wondering if anyone knows of any salvage warehouses I could visit.I am willing to travel if needed so give me any locations . Thanks Dyan

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      If so put new doors in your new house.Many home centers and lumber yards carry doors that will fit your needs. Trying to find doors that will trim out your house,all the right size and of the same style and profile, and swing might take a lifetime.Just my thought,might be cheaper to custom order what you want.You may find the doors but have to custom frame the openings this could cost$$$$.

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      Kathy Dukes

      I am looking for the old cast iron sinks that has only the one well, not divided into two sinks. I need one that is about 19″ long and about 13″ wide and the other one doesn’t matter as long as the holes for the faucets aren’t cut into it. I just need the basin with no holes. I have an old hand pump that sits beside the sink and that’s why i don’t want the faucet holes. Thanks so much for any information. Kathy

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      Holy Haven Ministries

      I was wondering if anyone had any toilets around that they were not using! Really I am serious. At my church we just completed the drywall and now we don’t have ant toilets. Do you know any salvage warehouses around my area that would be willling to help us. We are located in Rockford IL, outside of Chicago.

      Thank You, Adrian Love, Secretary

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      Yolanda Wolf

      I am looking for a 24″ wrought iron bistro table and possibly chairs to match. Could you provide

      information as to where I could find the tiems

      in L.A.? Thank you in adavance for your assistance. Yolanda

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      How can I find pictures of old cast iron sinks on my computer?

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      have all outside work done already
      what kind of fireplaces and fireboxes and prices i should be looking for. need ideal

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