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      I would like to hear from people having a salt water pool as I have to replace our chlorine generater which has never worked for us, we’re the 2nd owner, Are you satified with yours and what brand do you have.
      Thanks you

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      Hi Dough99,
      I have a salt water pool and have gone though 3 Salt Chlorinators. I think they are hopeless. When this one decides to kick the bucket I won’t be replacing it. The brand of salt water chlorinator I have is called WATERMAID and I have a Hurlcon Sand Filter. You can see them in the site below

      The problem I find is they don’t make enough chlorine in time to stop the pool going green when there are a lot of people in the pool. If one body swims in the pool it’s fine.
      Even when I make sure the salt levels are good and I balance the ph and run the filter for 12 hours its still not good enough.

      The only way I can make sure the pool stays safe and balanced is to top it up with dry chlorine. I put around 2 cups of dry chlorine into an old odd sock, tie the end off and put it into the skimmer box. It works great doing it that way, I have tried several times dissolving the dry chlorine in a bucket of water but it still stays cloudy and full of chlorine residue. The old odd sock trick works great preventing the chlorine residue getting into the pool.

      I am the one how is in charge of taking care of the pool, my husband hasn’t got a clue on what to do. (Some how I think he likes it like that.) “Less work for him”. I find you practically need to be a Chemist to keep the pool balanced making sure the pool is not to acidic and not to Alkaline and working out how much soda ash, acid and chlorine to add. In summer holidays when the pool is in constant use I have the test the pool at least twice a day to stop it going green or if we have a lot of rain.

      Like I said above, I find the Salt Water Generator works fine if hardly anyone uses the pool. As soon as there is a heap of kids in the pool the Chlorinator can’t manage. We use our pool all year round because we gas heat it in winter so we always have people in the pool.

      Hope my answer helps you out.
      Regards from Noelene

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