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      lisa c

      We recently moved in to a 20 yr old house having minimum maintenance during it’s life. The caulk in the tub in the second floor bath starting dropping off in strips. I recaulked the area. There are a few loose floor tiles (1″ size). After being away for 3 weeks the floor in the bathroom has a definite sag – covering a one foot square of floor surface. So…I figure that alot of “moisture” has probably rotted the subfloor? Perhaps the 3 weeks of no use did something? I am BROKE and I need help. What can I do to ascertain repair prior to calling someone to come in? Can I do anything? I am willing to try anything, but I have to hold the book open while I do it! Thanks!

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      Doug Ellwood

      Hi Lisa, Its not really my expertise but you
      probably have a couple options: 1. If this is
      first floor of your home check basement for
      accessiblity, if you can see the area from
      underside, try to support area with plywood.
      Verify that it is infact rot and not the floor
      joists sagging.
      2. Remove area of affected tiles inspect the wood
      subfloor if rotten cut w/ circular saw on top of
      joists and replace plywood, I don’t know if this helps I hope so. Good luck Doug

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