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      Scott Trahan

      I recently noticed small rust spots on my clothing after washing them in my washing machine. I looked over the machine very carefully and cannot find the source of the rust. Can anyone help with ideas as to where it may be coming from? Thanks in Advance, Scott

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      Steve Jones

      Run the machine in the long cycle without clothing. Add some bleach, some vinegar, and some TSP. Let it cycle.

      See what happens.


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      Those usually come from zippers or metal snaps or buttons. Check your laundry aisle. There’s
      a product for removing rust stains from clothes available, just can’t remember the name

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      Steve– I saw your message about the washing machine rust. Sometimes the tubs inside the machine can develop rust inside. I know because it has happened to me. No rusty zippers or buttons or metal!!! Its the machine tub. The most important thing you can do is don’t leave anything in the wash machine. As soon as the load is done get it out. I ruined a beautiful shirt I bought in Europe when I washed it alone and left it in the washer over night. It had rust spots all over! You can buy rust remover through the same company that makes the famous clothing dye. BUT, the trick with the rust treatment is that you soak the rusty clothing in a bucket with VERY HOT water. NOW– CAN SOMEONE TELL US HOW TO GET THE RUST OUT OF THE INSIDE OF THE WASHER??? Thanx! 😉

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      Did anybody ever come up w/a satisfactory answer to getting the rust out of the washing machine tub itself?

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      Ive tried CLR twice. I went by the directions

      on the bottle. It hasn’t worked yet. I tried it a third time and just doubled the amount your supposed to add and I let it sit in the washing machine this time. If it doesnt work this time I guess I’ll have to buy a new washer. The rust spots are ruining my clothes. Any other suggestions of what might work to remove the rust?

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