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      Just had someone install vinyl siding on house. I advised beforehand that he could replace any rotted wood that was found. Found out after that he put luan over some spots of the t111 that were bad. He did put Tyvek over the t111 and luan but no furring strips. The siding is nailed directly to t111 and some areas where the luan is covering the bad wood. Now I’m wondering what I have to look forward to down the road. Will I see buckling where luan stops? Insects?? etc?

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      What you have to look forward to is the rot will invariably spread. Rot is caused by a fungus infection (wood destroying organism), and it easily moves to new wood. Not only that, but Luan is not generally an exterior rated panel and would quickly deteriorate anyway. I would not be comfortable with using Luan in that application, and any rot needs to be removed back to solid wood, and treated.

      This has a direct effect on the value of your home as you will not be able to pass the pest inspection without significant mandatory repairs if you want to sell. The workmanship you describe is not professional, and you may have recourse through your contract or contractor licensing bureau.

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