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      ToM Huddleston

      In the period between 1920 and 1950’s cement roofing tiles were manufactured and used on better homes. These seem to have been manufactured locally but are no longer being manufactured. Is there a source where these cement roofing tiles can be duplicated or is there a salvage roofing materials outlet where they might still be available?

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      when you say cement tiles, you probably are referring
      to the old asbestos fiber cement shingles. they are
      a flat slate like shingle with a wood grain type
      of impression pressed in to the top surface. they
      can no longer be manufactured because of the asbestos
      content but Supradur makes a mineral fiber replacement
      shingle that can be used. Supradur is now part of
      GAF and can be reached on the net @ GAF.com.

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      What should I use to repair a chipped asbestos shingle?

      Is there a putty or special caulk?


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