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      Mr. Carter

      I have a couple of questions that you hopefully might be able to answer:

      I would like to do a retrofit application on the first floor of an older house with radiant heating:

      Currently the first floor is set up like this;

      Approximately 1,200 sq. feet, currently forced hot water system.

      90% hard wood covered with carpeting, one small bath with tile, and a kitchen with a “poured” floor.

      Basement is unfinished no ceiling, so we have open floor joists relatively free of any obstructions.

      Without installing insulation after installing the system in the floor joists:

      Will it heat the first floor efficiently, as well as heat the basement some what?

      What kind of material costs would I be looking for that sq footage?

      And most simply, does this make any sense for me to do at all or am I just nuts?

      Thanks for any help you can provide in advance.

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      Radiant heat will be very comfortable the way you want to do it. A LOT of heat will be radiated downward, so some insulation will be required to keep from basement roast and the heated tubing will be apparent to the basement. Remember, it is RADIANT heat, so the heated floor of the upstairs will be the heated ceiling of the basement which radiates heat up and down. Get material quotes from your local suppliers.

      Also look up the meaning of efficiently, whatever heat you put in will come out – that is HIGH efficiency. Effective is another word that means it will be do the amount you need, that depends upon how much insulation you have in the walls to keep heat inside the building.

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