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      I lost my gold earring down the tub drain. How do I go about retrieving it back? It is the plug and chain type.

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      If it is a first floor tub, go into the basement and look at the ceiling under the tub. You’ll see a large trap that looks like a small coffee can. If you can (they generally freeze shut if they’re iron) open the bottom and you’ll find your ring in there. Otherwise, it could be an “S” or “P” type trap and you would either have to open up the small cleanout and fishout your ring, or if there is no small cleanout access, take the plumbing apart.

      If it’s a second floor tub, and you don’t have an access panel to the plumbing, you may have to tear out some drywall to get at the plumbing under the tub.

      But in any case, if the trap did stop the ring from flowing downstream (ie: you turned the water off right away) your ring will be very close to the tub.

      If it did get washed downstream and you’re on city sewer and water, contact the city waste management people, they strain these things out of the rest of the effluent.

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      Fed Up With Sears

      Go to hobby/craft store and purchase a magnet to which you can tie/hot glue a string. Tie string around magnet and fish it through the drain. Wiggle the string until you find your earing and pull it up. Good luck!

      How did you manage to lose an earing down the tub drain? Were you removing them while taking a shower?

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      if its in the trap, use a shop vac


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