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      I am getting ready to put in replacement windows and I have a number of contractors coming to bid the job. Obviously cost alone is not a good deciding factor on who gets the work. Any suggestion on how to compare these guys all pitching different brands/grades of windows. I’m replacing double hung wooden windows with storms. The house was built in 1960 and I expect lightly insulated in the walls. Suggestions?

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      In the end, you have to like the windows more than anything else since they are going to be around much longer than any contractor; so that should be the most important decision, and the installation shouldn’t vary much from contractor to contractor.

      Remove all the variables from the equation that you can by selecting which windows you want and then ask each contractor to bid on the revised requirements. Much of the variability will be in the markup of the various windows, ask for info on how much they are marking them up too.

      Whenever I do any work for anyone, I provide all receipts for the material to them as proof of the material costs. The only variable is how much I charge for the labor….and I’ve never had a single dissatisfied customer.

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      We are a non-profit organization and currently were deeded our Elementary School which was built in 1917. We are trying to restore the school to as close to original as possible. We are located in the state of Florida and need guidance as where we might find old windows or replacement windows. Most of this project will be done by donation of time and material and the funds that can be raised for the restoration. We would appreciate any advice or guidance that anyone might be able to give us.

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