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      Andy Davis

      I need some advice on repairing a plaster crack in my ceiling.

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      Jay J


      Just to be sure, is it plaster or dry-wall? And, do you know the nature of the crack?

      Jay J

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      How do I open the article from December 28, 1999, so I can find out how to do this?????

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      I have a crack in my plaster ceiling, which looks as if someone attempted to repair – prior to my puchase.

      They used joint tape and plastered over it, which bubbled and is peeling away from the ceiling.

      I have a boiler furnace for heating and the odd thing is that the pipes run up the walls and into the attic, vs. in the flooring.

      When I was removing the prior repair, I noticed how warm the ceiling was.

      Do I have to do something special because of the extra heat my ceiling has….

      Thanks for any help.

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      Elayne G

      We have a room where the spackled ceiling is coming off in chunks – how do we repair? Some areas will scrape of very easily and others are very tight.

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