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      I am repairing an antique solid oak Lincoln bed. The head board bed post is split at the bottom where the side rail would insert. I do not want to replace the bed post because of its age and authenticity. How do I go about repairing this piece of post. The headboard of the bed is approx. 5.6 ft. tall/ the foot board is 3ft tall. The rest of the bed is in very good condition. Please advise…any help would be appreciated. Thank you DJ

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      Without a picture or something, I am not sure what the problem is. I agree with a bed that old, keeping it in a pristine condition is worth the trouble. I would try to glue and clamp the split with a good cement to fix that problem. Then how about using a ‘Locking safety bed rail bracket’, such as the one by Rockler. Go to their website, and search for item number 32077. It might solve the problem. HTH

      Let us know how it works out.

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