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      I have recently purchased an older home and my neighbor has just informed me that the bay window on the front of the house had a beautiful copper roof over it. However, the previous owners painted over it. Does anyone have any ideas as to how I can remo

      ve the paint without ruining the underlying copper roofing?

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      Bruce Miller

      Hi Debbie:
      Our previous homeowner somehow decided to paint the copper gutters and downspouts…guess metallic copper was uncool at one time.

      What I did was use a heat gun and a paint scraper. The old oil paint bubbled up with the original primer and

      came off quite easily. You don’t want to hold the heat gun in one place too long or you will get these ugly discoloration marks…hold it on the paint just long enough to bubble up the paint. It proceeds a little slowly, but you just have to keep at it.

      best wishes

      Bruce M

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      How do you get paint off of an asplalt roof?

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      I would like to make my copper roof shine again.
      Does anyone have the answer?

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