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      We renovated our house last month, mostly the kitchen, dining room and washroom. Our house was not that spacious and was looking congested with furniture and other items, especially living room. A renovation was necessary. We contacted the professionals and they expanded the living room and remodeled the other parts of the house according to our requirements. The expense was a little bit more. Anyhow, we managed it. To make the house look more trendy we bought trendy furniture and living room sets from the furniture stores in Halifax. We kept the old and unused furniture in the garage. I don’t know what to do with the old ones. We kept them in the basement. How can we remove the old pieces of furniture?

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      Hi ,
      You should better to remove unwanted items soon . Otherwise it makes many space issues again in future. I think you can sell the items if that are not too bad or you should give away at free of cost. We have many space saving ideas here .

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      Angeline Joe

      There are various types of space saving furniture are available in the market. It’s better to go for that kind of stuff. I recently bought a 2 BHK apartment in Kerala. After using this kind of furniture my flat looks better and saves lots of space.

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      Please find any good agents to resell these items. It is the best way to remove the old furniture. If you are a creative person you can reuse it effectively and recreate amazing stuff from it. Do check some DIY videos available on youtube. I have done this so many times in my flat in Kochi.

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      Even there are many stores like Office Furniture Solutions available to help you out.

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      Ryan Francis

      You can make use of pieces of your old furniture to create small tables of cupboard etc. if the furniture is made with quality wood material. Otherwise, it is better to remove from your home. Recently I renovate my flat in Thrissur with the help of a interior design specialist. He suggested removing space consuming furniture to make my flat look bigger.

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