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      I need to remove a strip of ceramic wall tiles in our bathroom. What is the best way to go about this? So far a chisel and hammer have done no good. Thanks to any who can help.

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      how old is the tile that is in your bathroom?

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      I have had success using a short HATCHET with a wide blade. No, you DON’T hit the tile with the hatchet! You HOLD the blade of the hatchet against the base of the tile and give the back (“hammer” shaped end) of the hatchet a good ‘thwack’ with a hammer. After a few tries, you kind of figure out how much force you need to hit with.

      Note: SHARDS WILL GO FLYING! WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES! Cover up windows, etc, so that they won’t get damaged by flying debris. And good luck.

      If the tile’s on wallboard, the wallboard will probably get pretty torn up.

      Good luck,

      -k2, Moderator, Miscellaneous Forum

Viewing 2 reply threads
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