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      We are gutting an old bathroom, and found 2″ of concrete on a metal backing behind the ceramic tile walls. I don’t want my husband to take a sledge hammer to it, because the adjoining rooms have plaster walls that were just redone, and the vibration will ruin them. Is there another way? I read something about sawing it out. Help!!

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      sure you can saw it out. Go to your local hardware store and get a masonry blade for your circular saw. get the metal one for about 20.00. you’ll be surprised how well it works. cuts the concrete and the metal lathe behind. good luck

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      clint sheets

      We are having a difficult time with our ceramic flooring (PEI 4+)is.Our flooring dings and chips very easily, even the wood bed post (trundle bed)is chipping the tile. What do we do? Help


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