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      Jessica and David

      My boyfriend and I plan to get married next fall, but first we want to remodel an old farm-house on my dad’s farm. We will have to have new siding, drywall, flooring, plumbing, and everything else. The house is basically sound and has a good roof and foundation. We can’t wait to start next spring, but we need ideas and lots of help. Any ideas on what to do first and how to get the best out of our limited budget would be appreciated! Thanks, Jessica and David

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      Bruce M

      Hi Jessica and David:
      Congrats on your new (old) farm house.
      You don’t mention it, but I’ll assume you plan on doing most of the work yourself.

      Depending on your past experience, I would start with the simple stuff first and give yourself a fairly long time horizon. Generally speaking, it is best to start in your finished attic or second story (if attic is not finished or finishable) and work down.

      What you do next depends on the scope of your rennovation. Will you be tearing out existing plaster to the studs so you can insulate and rewire? Will you be leaving the existing plumbing pipes in place?

      There are many who regularly contribute to this board with much in the way of building experience. What I would suggest is for you both to sit and think of what your rennovation plans are then take them on a project at a time. Get good books on the subject(s) from the library and then pose specific questions to this (or other) home improvement boards. Right now, IMHO, there are simply too many variables for any experienced person to provide you with other than very broad and non-specific advice.

      Good to hear from you

      Bruce M

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