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      Carl Katits

      My vinyl siding is getting older, however, it does not need to be replaced yet. The siding is beginning to fade and I am looking for a way to restore its original lustre. I am open to any sugegstions that you may have to offer. Thanks!

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      I was given a new product to test and its intention is just as you are describing your need.

      Its sprayed, brushed, or rolled on. Its a clear liquid. I tested it on my old fiberglass Discovery canoe that was a bright teal blue when new. The product made my canoe look new and it stayed on. that was five years ago.

      Everbrite, Inc.
      955 South Virgina Street
      Suite 116
      Reno, Nevada
      1 800 897 9629
      fax 800 696 4249
      email info@everbrite.net

      Called Everbrite Protective Coatings.

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      Mike Maurin

      I just bought a two person camper/trailor that has vinyl siding. The previous owner had painted it with latex paint and I got it off. My question is how do I refurbish the vinyl siding now?

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