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      Whats the best way to prep my bathroom floor prior to
      installing new ceramic tile. Currently it has ceramic tile
      on top of about an inch of mud. Do I need to tear all out to the subfloor?
      If so do I build up the floor with 2 layers of cement board?


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      You can stand the additional height of the new tile over the old, you can just put the new ceramic tile down over the old.
      Be sure to strip the floor of any wax, grease, soap scum, etc. Then scuff the floor with a 40 grit sandpaper. Then use a high quality thinset motar such as TEC. You should have no problem.
      If the old floor is spongy and deteriorated, then busting out the old and building up with two layers of cement board (be sure the seams don’t line up)would be a good approach.
      Good Luck!

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      Kevin Bishop

      I am about to lay the floor in my new bathroom extension which I am then going to tile over. What material should I use on the floor to tile over. I have heard that 18mm plywood is normal but is this strong or stable enough. I do not want the tiles to crack or move afterwards. Any advice or tips would be most helpful.

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