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      Rafael Quintero

      We are purchasing an older home. The inspection revealed this info on the type and condition of exposed flashings: ‘some re-taping of roof vents/jacks. Water in the past has come down the water heater flue. Have roofing contractor repair as needed’

      Is this something that we can do ourselves, and if it is, where can we get info on how to take care of this? If this is something only a roofing contractor can do, can anyone give us a ball-park figure of what the cost might be?

      The roof is composition shingles, gable style, hip combination, and is 12 years old and the inspection stated it appears serviceable/within useful life.


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      Eduardo Melendez

      Hi, I need to install regular slanted roof vents on a zinc roof but the roof vent bottom is flat and the zinc roof has a wavy surface. How do I go about this?

      Your help is greatly appreciated.


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