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      I would like to obtain more information for properly re-staining my redwood siding. One contractor has suggested washing the house with a deck cleaner or TSP first using a power washer set at a very low spray, then rinsing and then lightly sanding the rough boards.

      I do have some boards that are turning black do these need washed with clorine and can you mix the clorine in with the deck cleaner/TSP? Then he s suggesting a product called Sikkens. I believe it is the “Sikkens SRD”.

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      Sounds like the contractor has the right idea, I would try a scrub brush with the black spots, I don’t see any reason to bleach the whole house and you will need to read the instructions on any thing you mix it with.

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      Donna Laughlin

      About 12 years ago, my brother-in-law tried to help and surprise us (my husband & I)by putting a heavy, horrible, solid, redwood finish on our beautiful natural,expensive, siding. I was in “tears for years”. It looked like a very cheap “shack” !!! Now,after alot of time and work, we may have the house we always wanted. My question is; what do you suggest for trim and windows etc. ???? Please HELP!!

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      How toxic are redwood stain on landscape timbers? What precautions should be taken when working with this wood?

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