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      Carl Moreland

      I am starting a new house in NC and it will have a
      pretty steep drive. In the winter we get ice storms
      so I would like to install snow melting capability.
      I’m on a pretty tight budget so initially I only want
      to do what’s absolutely necessary.

      My idea is to install tubing in the concrete when the
      drive is poured and then finish it up at a later date.
      I read through a number of radiant heat threads and
      still have some questions:

      1: Can I use polyethylene tubing in air-entrained

      2: My drive is 10ft wide by approx. 100ft long. I
      thought I would snake the tubing back and forth
      horizontally from the top (house) to the bottom
      (street) spacing each run about 1 ft apart, then run
      the return line straight back up. Does this sound

      3: Do I need to do anything special at the stress

      4: Should I put a foil reflector down first? I don’t
      want to put any foam insulation under the drive, but
      thought foil might help some.

      Any help is appreciated.

      – Carl

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