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      I have an 1890 home that I need to convert the electric heating system in. I was thinking of going with oil/hot water and as such was told about “radiant heat” possibly I could use this on the first floor (2 story home). IS radiant heat new? is it good?

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      the warm floor center

      if you don’t want to heat all of the floors you
      can do areas like kitchens,baths,family rooms or
      any other. our site is http://www.eosinc.com/import-tile
      this type of heat has been around for 50yrs plus
      some. good luck

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      Fred Bock

      I don’t know much about radiant heat, but, I did have electric heat in the house I purchased last year. I replaced the electric with baseboard radiators, and my heating bill to heat the entire house was less than just heating the bedroom at night. The cost per btu in our area(boston) is about $27 per million btu for electic, and about $8 for either oil or gas. I estimate that I will save enough in 3 years to completely pay for the conversion.

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      Greg Reed

      I’m a heating designer and radiant just happens to be my specialty.you need to have a good heating firm in your area do a heat loss on the home and make sure that the house will accomodate radiant heat.Some older homes have heat losses more than 35 btu per square and the space may not heat without supplemental heat.Good luck.

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      Please look at http://www.rohor.com over 100 pages of info about radiant heat.

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