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      Has anyone ever had raccoon problems? I have a really bad raccoon problem in my neighborhood. I just don’t know how to chase them away. One of my neighbors had a family of raccoons living in their shed. She didn’t evacuate them because they had babies. A few days later, the babies grew up and they tore the shed. After the incident, they started chasing them away. It would have been better if they had chased the raccoons before they give birth to baby raccoons. What happened next is when they started chasing them, they started to crawl into every neighborhood to find a shelter. Everyone in the neighborhood is raging because of the raccoon issue. It is causing nuisance in the neighborhood. They try to open the garage and climb the roofs to access the house. Some of my neighbors tried to make a bait using marshmallows, but it was in vain. What makes me angrier is that they are attacking my vegetable yard. I created a fence around the yard, but they still keep on entering the yard by climbing the fence. I don’t have any idea to protect my yard from them. People in the neighborhood are planning to contact any wildlife removal services in Markham. Does anyone here have any suggestions on how to get rid of raccoons from the house?

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      A couple of years back, after the storm, my whole house was wrecked. I used to have a cafe. When we got alerted about the storm I moved the espresso machines in the cafe to my home.
      Then, after the storm wrecked everything, I had to start to renovate again. I thought me it will cost me a lot. But then it hit me to use recycled wood for floorings and all small works. I started it to do myself and soon my family pitched in. I had only very little part of the roof to be given for renovation services. Rest all we did it using the recycled wood.

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      My wife chooses the kitchen flooring and it totally doesn’t go with the flooring of other rooms. She found about a company in Muskoka that does antique plank wood flooring.

      Custom Plank Flooring

      Their concept is using the wood from old buildings for the renovation of houses. I appreciate the effort in saving trees. But how much good is it? I don’t know, much about wood and flooring. Could anyone suggest more about this? Or is there any better option?

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      I am working in a home renovation company. I used to share renovation ideas with my friends and the people who are in need of it. As flooring is an important part of house construction, many people ask me about the wooden flooring. Wooden flooring is a trend for many years. Then comes the next question. Which is the best wood for flooring?. As reclaimed hemlock barn board flooring produces beautiful results in flooring most often, I suggested them that. Because it has good wear resistance, strength and can get in many colors. It is a good material to work with and also it is affordable too. Many people had told me that choosing hemlock flooring was a great choice.

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      thanks for sharing it.

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