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      My new 44-year-old house has an oil-fired hot air heating system, and the ducting is non-insulated. I would like to wrap insulation on the outside of the ducting, in the crawlspace and other exposed areas, but they get pretty warm. What would be a good and safe insulation product?
      Also, this particular home does not have any insulation in the walls (lucky me). I know some about blown-in insulation, but another unique feature of this home is that all the rooms have the heat registers at the base of exterior walls, not the floor. By base, I mean, like 6″-8″ off the floor. Will the heat from the ducts in the lower walls pose a problem when the blown-in insulation is added?

      Thanks in advance – TomR

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      Richard Encarnacao

      I also have a problem with my heating the second floor bedrooms. Lots of cold air in the winter months. Lots of heat in the summer months. How can I insulate my attic better to prevent heat loss in the winter and cooling in the summer?

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      Allan Hermsen

      What do you recommend to use?

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      Clark Williams

      First i’d like to thank you for taking the time to read this message, but my main reason for writing this was because i was i was trying to conduct an experiment on what would be the best insulator for a heating system. i was going to try an array of different metals/ceramics, then narrow down my list to the most commonly used substances.

      Thank You

      Sincerely, Clark williams

      Chaminade Julienne High School

      Dayton, Ohio

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      Michael Wood

      I purchased a house with 1 vent in the middle of my house. It heats up the hall way then the heat seaps out to warm the house. I would like to add ducts to all my rooms and get rid of the big hole in my floor. I have 1 trunk that comes from my heater. I dont know how big the trunk should be and how to get the heat to other locations. I can acess my whole house from the basement.

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