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      John H

      On an eight foot bare wall, at what height off the floor should a wall sconce be mounted? Does 66″ from the floor to the center of the sconce sound about right?

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      Brian (Tankless) Wood.

      I sell tankless water heaters all over the world, but in real life, I’m an electrician.

      I just wired and installed five of em in a customer’s remodel job, and that’s exactly the height she wanted them.

      I don’t think there is a code pertaining to sconce height. “A little higher than EYE-HEIGHT” always seems to be just right. And it’s much easier to change bulbs at that height, plus there is a better light spread downwards as well as upwards.

      I hope this helps.

      And to copy our moderator:

      Gog Bless America.

      Brian in Swampland.

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      Judy Chavez

      Could you let me know if there is a proper height to install SCONCES beside a fireplace. A picture will be placed above the fireplace.


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      Is there a “proper height” when hanging a wall sconce? The wall is eight feet. I want to put one on each side of a picture that is 33″ high. Help the electrician is on the way!

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      we are building a house with 10 foot ceilings. we have sconces on both sides of entrances. the wall sizes are not the same to the right and left of the entrances. is there a rule on how high the sconce should be and the distance from the entrance?

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