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      Ken Harris

      The thermostats in my home are all line voltage models (Honewell). If I want to install a programmable thermostat, I need to convert to a low voltage (24v) system because that’s what the programmable ones work on. What, exactly, do I need to do this–a step down transformer?–what else? I have done quite a bit of home wiring, but nothing on the heating system. Thanks for the help.

      Ken Harris

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      Sounds as though you have either baseboard units or in-wall propeller units.
      Electric heaters use a relay (contacter) controlled through a low voltage x-former in order to use the progamable thermostats.
      The heating savings in electric heat is through the zone control philosophy.
      You may not gain much with a programmable unless you forget & leave the heat up alot.

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      Jim Griffith

      Is there a programable thermostat that will work with my new two speed furnace? My plumper told me that my old one wouldn’t work and that no one makes one that does does. I have a Freedom 90 gas hot air furnace.

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      Chet Johnson

      I now have this thermostat in a commercial bldg. I want to change it out with a programable thermostat, but I have no information on the Honeywell T7067A1008 2 thermostat, to know what programable thermostat would replace it. I need to know how this thermostat is wired up, in order to purchase the right programable thermostat. If you have any information on this thermostat please E-mail it to me

      Thank you

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      I was wondering if you know of a company that makes high voltage programable thermostats for 220 volt electric base board heat.



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      i have 3 wires and am not sure which color goes where

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