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      Chuck Cunningham

      we live in lakewood ca. in southern ca. some how we
      have a rat in the attic and it is driving us crazy. have
      put up clue borads and rat traps. open for any suggitions.

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      Bruce M

      Hi Chuck

      The size of the spring loaded mouse trap will depend on the size of the mouse or rat.

      The trick is the bait…..and peanut butter is by far the best bait I have found…..the furry little mickey’s can’t resist the stuff. I trapped about 8 mice last fall using peanut butter….and I got em all!!

      Best wishes

      Bruce M

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      You need to use a primer. Your mixer should have told you this, anyway Ralph Lauren is made my Serwin Wiliams and is the best paint you could get at a fair price. They also have the best color, and you will not be able to get this in any color even if you try scanning the color and try to mix it in a nother brand.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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