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      how do you install a pre hung door and is there any tricks to making miter cuts for the molding.

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      Kevin, go to http://www.taunton.com and check out the books
      and videos. There is a video by Tom Law where he walks
      you through installing a prehung door (amoung other
      things). There is also a book and video on finish
      carpentry eg. door casings, etc. by Craig Savage
      that is very good. Spend a little time with these
      and you should have no trouble.

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      on the lin on November 09, 1997 at 17:38:31:<p>

      find mcvies

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      Am in the market to replace existing front entrance double door with a set with 3/4 length
      glass with a nice design.
      What kind of questions should we ask before purchasing?
      Any good advice will be very much appreciated

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      Could you please tell me if the door should sit on the subfloor. It naturally comes with a threshold and now it looks like the door is too high. The top of the threshold is at least two inches from the hardwood floor. Shouldn’t the door be lowered to the subfloor? Thanks

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