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      Fran Coletto

      I have seen these in Spiegel Catalog, but now that I want to purchase the small firebox size, they seem to only have the large one with mantel included and I only need
      the small brass one that would fit in a brick decorator fireplace area. Does you know if anyone still makes the small gel burning fireplaces?

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      Jay J


      I can’t answer your question specifically but you can go to My Favorite WEB Search Engine and enter in +alcohol +gel +fireplace* (‘+’ and ‘*’ included), and press the Search button. There are well over 150 ‘links’ to peruse. (Some related to your question; some not. But I’ll let you sift through them.)

      My best to ya and hope this helps.

      Jay J

      PS: As you work your way to the ‘bottom’ of the list on each page, there, you can ‘click’ to the Next Page …

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      Sometime in the past West Marine used to carry small gel burning brass enclosed boat heaters, perhaps that manufacture does bigger ones. Try west marine at http://www.westmarine.com

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      I’ve spent the last three hours researching on the exact same Spiegel fireplace and found the gel is availabe at much more reasonable prices at Jensen Metal Products (800-654-1704) or Vestal FiresInc. Alco-brite.com also carries it. The log sets meant to fit into your existing (in my case 1910 unfit for use) fireplace are available through Sunsor Fireplaces where it runs $140 including grate, fuel box, 3 cans fuel AND shipping. Good luck.

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      John Rossmiller

      You can get the fireplace you want from Sunsor – 262-633-7840 – in Racine, Wisconsin

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      Melissa Boone

      you can still get the small ones at http://www.realflame.com They also have franklin stove types and a scratch and dent area on the website.

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