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      Cathy Johnson

      We have some poison ivy on property. Can anyone point me
      to some more info on humans/pets and precautions to take? does
      Poison Ivy lose its “potency” in fall/winter in the Midwest?
      Thanks all.

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      Darryl Cherwinski

      It is still potent in the winter. Even when it loses it’s leaves it can cause a reaction. It’s the oils of the plant that cause the reaction. So if you come in contact with it wash as soon as possible with a soap that breaks up oils. I found most dishwashing soap work very well. It’s easier to deal with in the winter because of the lack of leaves. As for pets I don’t know for sure but my dogs and cats don’t seem to have a reaction from it. However if it gets on their fur it can than be spread to you.

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      Keith Savage

      Last weekend, I suffered a terrible bout of poison
      ivy while working in the yard of a new home.
      This is what I learned:

      If you know you’ve been exposed to
      the plant immediately wash with
      a cleaner called Tecnu, which is specifically
      designed to neutralize the plant oil.
      Wash double wash everyting thoughly
      (super important). Also, make absolutely sure
      you wash any exposed clothing, as the oil can
      linger on clothing and tools, causing reinfliction.

      If you do have a reaction to the plant
      it will take 1-2 weeks to heal untreated or
      several days using prescription drugs All the over
      the counter medication I initially tried were
      worthless, including cortiad, benadryl, calamine
      etc. Best bet is to go to the doctor as quickly
      as possible and get topical steriod cream
      (diprelene) and an oral antihistimes (Zyrtec?)
      For super severe cases a steriod injection
      may be prescribed.

      Hot as you can stand showers will offer some
      temporary itch relief. Wrapping the affected part
      in banage helps to sleep to at night.

      Of course the best is just to know how to
      recognize and avoid this vile class of


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      Iam the poison ivy queen…when i get it i get it killer. cortizone cold water relief…My question 2 u… how can i get rid of the plants…I want to pour something on them to kill them…non poisonous…bleach? Good luck with your yard! thanks…

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